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Aja, Principled Living, Good Company International (AJA) is a Non-Profit organization, geared towards providing social and community education and resources for the development of community through education.  AJA was established in 2015 and offered opportunities for educators to receive CEU's for professional development, provides students resources for remedial and second language education, and provides support for cultural education world wide.  Our students have been members of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, an educational fraternal organizations which promotes educational support and community to educators, community members in non-sectarian forums, promoting understanding cross-culturally and the vegan community in North East Ohio, USA.  It is our ambition to provide educational and supportive services to people of all walks of life through our programs.  


AJA has sponsored summer camp initiatives gear towards developments in math and science in its Stochastics Program.  Students were able to learn about stocks as well as astronomy and the rhythms of movements in the cosmos.  With this project, students have begun to explore science and math related subjects in college courses.  Our students have also scored high on college admissions exams in these areas as well.  ​

Let us determine the learning pod style and approach that works best to suit your child's learning needs.  Let us know how best to reach you.


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